Rhetorical Appeals: For Dummies

     Including one, or all of these, in your paper builds up your reputation for being a good author. By inputting these concepts you can easily make a good paper that your audience can relate to, one that they will enjoy reading and not want to put down. Your teacher will want to give you a better grade, she will remember your paper and know that in the future, you write good papers. She will remember when you write your next paper that you are a good author and will know that your paper is a good one.


For over 30 years Apple has been providing top of the line products for the use of every day people, just like you.

Ethos: The author’s appeal to the audience’s by building up reputation of the product, company, or person.


Increase of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is not the cause of global warming which has a solar origin …There exists no reliable scientific evidence that anthropogenic increase of the carbon dioxide concentration has caused current global warming or can lead to catastrophic changes of the Earth climate in the visible future…anthropogenic global warming is a Great Myth.
-Habibullo I. Abdussamatov , Head of the Space Research Laboratory of the Russian Academies of Sciences' Pulkovo Observatory and of the International Space Station's Russian-Ukrainian Astrometria project

Logos: Author’s appeal to the audience’s logic.


May was found with no water, no food, and tied with a chain around her neck in the backyard of her house. Not know exactly how long she was left there, the Humane Society estimates she has been left out there in the Nevada heat for a week.

Pathos: Author’s appeal to the audience’s emotions.