Helpful Resources for your Writing Process: For Dummies

                       The Writing Center

          For the past five years the Writing Center at Ball State University has helped numerous students. Their main purpose is to help and guide students in the right direction with their writing. The Writing Center gives one-on-one peer tutoring either through face-to-face, a chat, or simply through e-mail for quick questions. Many students enjoy the Writing Center in fact, “97% of students rated their session as a excellent or good and 98% of students would recommend us to a friend.” The Writing Center is located at Robert Bell 291 (Main Center) and Bracken Library 302 (Drop-in-Center).

Hours RB:                                    Hours BL:  
Mon, Tues, Wed: 10am-7pm           Tues & Wed: 8pm-10pm
Thur & Fri: 10am-5pm

                                      Make An Appointment or Ask Questions:
                                                       (765) 285-8387
                                                  AIM: bsuwritingcenter

                        The Writing Center (Click link below):

                          Bracken Library

        The Bracken Library provides help for students with general information on books, articles, images, music, movies and many more. The resources are not only for students but faculty (staff), extended education students, parents, visitors, and alumni as well. For more information contact

                                                                (765) 285 5143
                                                            Fax: (765) 285-2644          (Click to Bracken Library)

                "The Brief Penguin Handbook"

          “The Brief Penguin Handbook,” is a great resource for all students. This book helps you improve your writing with grammar, punctuation, researching, MLA formatting, citations and many more. It helps students from F’s to A’s. This handbook has everything you need to know be successful with your writing.

                                                         Visit their website:
                                       (Click the Handbook below to learn more)

                           "Ball Point"

       The "Ball Point" is a PDF file that introduces writer's to the writing program at Ball State University. Click on the link below to download the file.

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